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About Us


To be the preferred quality health care provider by pioneering disease eradicators in the community though reliable, quality and affordable health solutions as well as mutual and supportive relationship with the community.


To provide affordable comprehensive health services to the community at large by exceeding their expectations through working with competent staff, upholding ethical practices, integrity and access to health services for all.

Our Services

General Out-Patient Clinic

This department runs daily on a 24 hour basis and managed by qualified medical and clinical officers. In this department, patients are assessed and clinically examined after which further tests may be recommended in the laboratory or radiology departments. It is also an entry point to the wards/ admission. The department works alongside other departments including casualty, well-baby clinic, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, specialist clinics, dialysis, ophthalmology, dental, E.N.T (ear nose and throat) and theatre services.

Casualty (Accident & Emergency)

Our casualty department operates daily on a 24 hour basis. It is run by well trained personnel trained on emergency response for injuries and illnesses for both paediatric and adult cases. The department is also an entry point to the admission/ wards. We conduct regular training for these staff to ensure that their knowledge on emergency handling is current. We also have a well-equipped ambulance who are trained on trauma and life support.

Radiology Services

We have a comprehensive radiology department that operates 24 hours that comprises of: CT Scan, MRI, Digital X-ray and 3 D ultrasound. The department is run by qualified personnel who are well trained in offering a wide range of non-invasive therapeutic procedures and diagnosis. We also do comprehensive reporting of images taken.

Well Baby Clinic (MCH)

MNH has a team of nurses and nutritionists running the well-baby clinic. We offer immunization and nutritional consultation services every Monday to Saturday between 9am to 4pm


Our maternity services are rendered 24/7. It is run by a team comprising of gynaecologists, paediatricians and midwives. We have a modern and well equipped delivery room and theatre. We also have a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with trained personnel for new born who may require intensive care. Our ANC clinics are also available Monday to Saturday (8am to 5pm)

Operating Theatres

We have 2 theatres in which we attend our surgical clients. They operate daily on a 24 hour basis and are manned by trained theatre nurses and technicians. All surgeries are performed by vetted practitioners. We also perform laparoscopic surgeries


The department is run by qualified professionals and operates 24/7 to deliver quality diagnostic and screening services. We have state of the art diagnostic machines to perform parasitology, serology, immunology, biochemistry, microbiology and haematology tests within the set turnaround times. The department also regularly conducts wellness check-ups for our community.


We have a fully stocked pharmacy that operates 24 hours to meet the needs of both our in and outpatients at reasonable prices

Dental Services

Our dental department operates Monday to Saturday 8am to 5pm and offers a wide range of services including extraction, filling, full mouth scaling, root canal, tooth replacement, braces and dental x-ray. We provide these services for both children and adults.

Critical Care Services (ICU & HDU)

We have ICU beds and HDU beds supported by a team of critical care nurses and doctors who ensure the patients receive the much needed care round the clock. We also offer counselling services to the patient’s family to help ease their emotional burden.

Specialist Clinic

We have specialist clinics available as per the given schedule:

Admissions (In-patient Services)

MNH has a variety of wards to suit our patients’ needs including general wards and private wards. We have both male and female wards. We have all cadres of medical professionals to manage our patients in the ward; they take care of you during your stay till you are ready for discharge or for more care in a home setting.

Service Charter

Service Time Delivery Standards

Your privacy at all times will be observed. We will therefore not entertain staff socials while attending a client or while having a client waiting to for service. Service delivery will be timely and comprehensive while observing optimum courtesy.

Working Days

Our branches operate within the specified time frames (including public holidays) and we are always ready to serve when called upon.


We will respond to any complaint or compliment verbal or written submitted by clients expressing either gratitude or dissatisfaction on the processes or procedures followed to get the intended service. Our response will be prompt. FEEL FREE TO TALK TO US.


We will keep you informed on any processes or procedures to be done and the support needed from you at all times. Once again if something is not clear, please feel free to enquire.


Where need arises, our staff will consult further with their supervisors in order to give our client comprehensive care.


All our staff members have basic orientation on the location of our department hence in case you need help, please feel free to ask any of them for direction. Similarly, a verbal or written expression submitted to us by our clients expressing their desire / or need to clarify information about a department's processes or the procedures is welcome and will promptly be responded to.

Current Jobs

Administrative Division

Human Resource Manager

  • Analysing manpower requirements, absenteeism, turnover, and other personnel statistics and prepares reports for management on a periodic and as-requested basis


  • Receiving and managing all transactions from patients and ensuring effective reconciliations.

Claims Manager

  • Collect and process the information needed to fulfil medical insurance claims

Finance Officer

  • Ensure financial transactions are properly recorded and entered the accounting systems.

Internal Auditor

  • Conduct and issue reports on findings of audits which highlight issues and potential impacts on business

Procurement Officer

  • Assist in developing and implementing policies, and administrative systems in line with budgetary allocations in the Hospital for all functions.


  • To be successful in this role, you should understand healthcare regulations and be able to handle medical information discretely. Supervising daily administrative operations

Driver & Motorcycle Rider

  • Safely transporting company staff as well as various products and materials to and from specified locations in a timely manner

Customer Care

  • To provide exemplary customer service to internal and external customers

Security Officer

  • Secures premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry.

Health Records Information Officer (hrio) & Front Office

  • Responsible for ensuring proper documentation, storage of documents and easy retrieval.


  • Be responsible for monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks.

Facility Maintenance

  • Be responsible for facility maintenance.

Security Officer Incharge

  • Assess security risks & prepare mitigation measures.

Human Resource Officer

  • Responsible for all operational human resource activities such as recruitment, training, performance management, discipline and conflict management.

Consultants Division


  • Administering pain relief before, during, and after medical procedures

Hospital Gynecologist

  • Conduct consultation and medical procedures after getting the consent from patients or their attendants.


  • Examine patients or order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests to obtain information on medical condition and determine diagnosis.


  • Conduct consultation and medical procedures after getting the consent from patients or their attendants.


  • Diagnosing, treating, and managing conditions that affect kidney functions


  • Plain film reporting, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasonography, interventional radiology and CT scan, MRI

Physicians Including Those With Sub Specialists

  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields

General Surgeons

  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields


  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields


  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields


  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields


  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields

Plastic Surgeons

  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields


  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields


  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields


  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields


  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields


  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields

Pediatric Surgeons

  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields

Orthopedic And Trauma Surgeons

  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields

Cardiothoracic Surgeons

  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields

All Other Consultants Who Are Interested.

  • Applicants for admission rights are invited in the following fields

Housekeeping & Catering


  • Plan, prepare and serve meals in accordance with patient medical conditions while meeting their nutritional needs

House Keeper

  • Do daily cleaning and guarantee cleanliness standards of the Hospital are met

Kitchen Steward

  • Maintain the kitchen and surrounding areas in a clean and sanitary manner.

Medical Division

Clinical Officer

  • Taking history, examining, diagnosing, and treating patients’ common ailments at the outpatient health department.

Radiographer Incharge

  • Provide leadership and ensure efficiency and quality radiographic services.

Pharmaceutical Technologist

  • Receiving prescriptions for medications from medical doctors and other health professionals, and dispensing the drugs to patients

Medical Officer

  • Examining and talking to patients to diagnose their medical conditions

Laboratory Technologist

  • Collect blood specimens from patients, label correctly and evaluate for tests required


  • Ensuring patients comfort before procedures by taking them through the plan of action and responding to their queries, correctly positioning them on the table and applying gel to their skin

Clinical Officer Anesthetist

  • Meet patients before their procedure to conduct pre-operative examinations

Dialysis Medical Officer

  • Be involved in the day-to-day management of patients.

Dialysis Technician

  • Perform all aspects of the dialysis procedure as prescribed


  • Comprehensive knowledge of pharmacy and drugs


  • Planning and conduct therapy treatment for patients.


  • Operating CT scan and or X-ray equipment to capture diagnostic images of patients’ internal organs and tissues.

Perioperative (theatre) Manager

  • Theatre nurse manager is responsible and accountable for the delivery of safe, effective, direct and indirect, patient-family centered care through the continuum of perioperative care to include outpatient/day surgery unit; preoperative unit; operating room; post-anesthesia care unit; sterile processing department and anesthesia services.

Laboratory Technologist Incharge

  • To provide leadership in the laboratory for employees and advance laboratory technologies. Responsible for quality collection, analysis, and reporting on all tests to be carried out in the laboratory.

Laboratory Technician

  • Safely collect, transport and analyze specimens and blood samples.


  • Evaluate patients’ needs to identify their dietary requirements and restrictions.

Medical Officer – Intensive Care Unit

  • To oversee daily operations of the ICU, HDU, NICU and serve as clinical advisors, and investigate any problems that may arise.

Cwc Nurse

  • Be responsible for providing care for children of all ages.

Nursing Division

Director Nursing Services

  • Provide leadership and ensure quality, efficient, safe and cost effective clinical services.

Nursing Manager

  • Work together with the head of clinical services to ensure safe and effective clinical practice, Quality Nursing care to all patients, Exceptional customer service, Revenue growth and cost control, manage & develop the performance of the team and achieve hospital objectives.

General Nurses

  • Ensure availability/maintenance of equipment/instruments that may be required for patient management.

Critical Care Nurse

  • Identifying a patient’s specific and critical needs and adopt a care plans as necessary to meet those needs.

Accident & Emergency Nurse

  • Managing patients with life threatening emergency and trauma conditions

Maternity Nurse Incharge

  • Ensure high-quality maternity services to all patients through provision of effective nursing services Successful candidates will oversee labour ward, antenatal, postnatal, and Newborn unit

Maternity Nurses

  • Ensure high-quality clinical care to all patients through provision of effective nursing services as a Registered Nursing Officer. Successful candidates will work in Maternity.

Midwifery Nurse

  • Managing maternity patients

Nursing Officer

  • Provision of quality patient care

Paediatric Nurse

  • Managing all peadiatric patients (from infancy to adolescents) and those requiring critical care


  • Attending to distress calls, giving prehospital instructions, and reassuring the caller

Patient Attendants

  • To be involved in helping nurses in their day-to-day patient management

Renal Nurse In Charge

  • Provide leadership in the renal unit

Renal Nurse

  • Assist medical staff in overall care of patients and ensure prescribed treatment is given.

Theatre Technicians

  • Always maintain and keep the operating room ready for surgery

Perioperative (theatre) Nurse

  • Ensure provision of high-quality clinical care to all patients through effective provision of nursing services as a Registered Nursing Officer. Successful candidate will work in theatre and endoscopy.

Critical Care Nurse Incharge

  • Provide leadership, quality, safe and comprehensive critical care services.

Accident & Emergency Nurse Incharge

  • Providing leadership and ensuring safe and efficient emergency outpatient and endoscopic services.


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